Oakland Baptist Church
Friday, January 15, 2021
Growing a Loving Church

Preparing Your Items





  • Please read ALL instructions before entering your items.

  • Only season-related items accepted for current sale, so please only fall/winter clothing and items for the fall sale and spring/summer clothing and items for the spring sale.

  • Items should be in good condition; clean and wrinkle free clothes infant (including preemie) to child size 20; no maternity or junior sized clothes.

  • When in doubt, ask yourself if you would purchase that item for your child.

  • No yard sale items – must be child related.

  • Please limit shoes to children’s shoes only and those in excellent condition.

  • Toys, Baby equipment, outside play equipment, furniture, books, games, puzzles, and movies (rated G, PG, or PG 13 ONLY)

  • Items should be freshly cleaned and never damaged or recalled (http://www.cpsc.gov is a very good site to check for recalls)

  • Items that require batteries must have batteries and in working condition.  All battery-operating items will be tested prior to the sale and rejected if they do not work.  We want our shoppers to have confidence that they are purchasing items in working condition

  • We cannot accept car seats that have been in an accident or recalled.(Check for current recalls at www.carseat.org).

  • Sort items by gender & size (This makes it easier when entering, tagging, & dropping off)

  • Put outfits together & secure clothes on hangers. See below for the proper way to hang clothes. Notice the hanger faces the right shoulder of the clothing; it looks like a question mark ( ? ) See example below: 

  • Pin all tags on the FRONT of the clothing – this worked great at our last sale, so we will continue to do it this way.  We've asked you in the past to pin them on the inside tags, but pinning them on the outside will help the buyer find your price quicker and easier and make check out scanning faster.  Of course, use your discretion if the fabric could be damaged if pinned on the front.

  • As a reminder, use safety pins when tagging and hanging your items.  Do not use clothespins or straight pins.

  • DO NOT hang pants over a hanger – they will end up on the floor.

  • Use rubber bands to group hangers if needed.

  • Please attach shoes together with string, ribbon, or place in a Zip-lock bag.

  • Make sure that all loose items to toys, etc are packaged together - baggies are great for this!  Tape your price label on the bag so that it's not lost.  All items must be securely tagged.  Any items that do not have tags or that tags fall off and we cannot readily identify them will be set aside and not sold.

  • Please remember to check the “Missing Tags” area when you come to pick-up your unsold items.