Church Use Policy

Church Use Policy

Church property and facilities are primarily intended for and committed to the functions and mission of Oakland Baptist Church. The congregation endorses the maximum use of its facilities by members in church-related activities and accepts its responsibility to the community to share its facilities for meritorious community activities where practical.

Arrangements for use of the facilities for weddings, funerals, or other functions must be arranged with the Deacon Fellowship who has the responsibility to approve/disapprove each request. Use of the building will be on a first-come, first-serve basis with priority given to church-related meetings. No same-sex Wedding Ceremony or any other event that violates Christian values will take place at Oakland Baptist Church.

Persons who use the church facilities will be responsible for damaged or lost property both inside and outside the church.

Members and immediate family who use the building for functions such as family reunions, birthday parties or bridal/baby showers, must clean the building themselves or make prior arrangements with the Deacon Fellowship to handle the custodial duties after the event. Members are responsible for locking the building and turning off lights unless otherwise advised. Immediate family includes mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, and children of the member only. All others will be charged as non-members.

The setting of the sanctuary should not be changed in any manner without authorization from the Deacon Fellowship.

  1. Equipment: Equipment shall not be moved from its original place without authorization. If authorization is given, arrangements must be made to return all equipment to its original place immediately after the event. All kitchen equipment, including dishes and silverware, are to be washed, cleaned and returned to storage areas immediately after use.
  2. Decorations: No tacks, nails, tape or other material that will deface church property shall be used. Flowers and candles must have bases or stands to support them. Candles must be dripless and surfaces protected. Decorations such as streamers or flowers shall not be attached to pews in a manner that will leave permanent marks or damage.
  3. Flowers: The Deacon of the week (at the time of the event) should be contacted by the person responsible for flowers and decorations to arrange for a time for decorating prior to the event. This applies to all members and nonmembers.
  4. Removal of flowers and decorations shall be done immediately after the event so that the facilities are ready for the next scheduled activity.
  5. Alcohol and Tobacco: No alcoholic beverages are to be served on the premises. Smoking and vaping are not allowed inside the building. Only allowed in parking lots or pavilion.
  6. Dancing: Dancing is not allowed on the church premises.
  7. Rice:  No rice shall be thrown at any event.
  8. Fees:  Members: The facilities of the church shall be made available to all members without cost if they choose to clean the building themselves after the event. A donation is suggested for the use of the building. Non-Members: For non-members, a security deposit of $100.00 must be paid at the time of the reservation. If the premises are found to be clean and without damage after the event, the security deposit will be refunded to the non-member. Fees for non-members for use of the church to be paid at the time of the reservation:
    • Large events: (50 people or larger)
      • Use of the Sanctuary $250.00
      • Use of the Fellowship Hall $200.00
    • Small events: (49 people or fewer)
      • Use of the Sanctuary $150.00
      • Use of the Fellowship Hall $100.00
    • If the non-member chooses not to clean the premises after an event, a $100.00 custodial fee will be charged prior to the event to pay for a cleaning crew.
    • Other fees: There is an honoraria fee to be paid to each the Organist and Sound Operator if they are needed for the event and shall be paid directly to the individuals. Suggested fee: $100.00 each. Only Oakland sound team members are allowed to use our sound equipment.
  9. Organ/piano:  If Oakland’s organist is not being used for the event, the organist must contact Oakland’s organist for instructions regarding use of the organ. The piano and organ shall not be moved from its location.
  10. Weddings ending after 9:00 p.m. are an option offered to church members only.