Beginning July 1, 2024, we will no longer allow flowers and other items to be placed on the ground by the headstones during regular grass cutting months from April 1 to October 31. You are able to place these items on the headstone or grave marker as long as they are not on the grassy area. This will eliminate any damage during routine grass cutting and maintenance.

Easter Crosses

Easter Cross Witness

Oakland members have an opportunity to participate in The Easter Cross Witness. We have purchased white crosses to be placed on your lawn during the Easter season. Each family will receive a cross at no cost with the opportunity to purchase additional crosses at $6 each to give to your neighbor, family member or friend that does not belong to Oakland. The idea is to place the cross where all can see beginning on Ash Wednesday. Crosses are placed blank side out before Easter and are turned on Easter Sunday to display the message that “He is Risen!”

Why the Easter Cross Witness? The Easter Cross Witness seeks to be a catalyst for all of the branches of the church to come together in unity to jointly testify to the single most important event in history. That event is the bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter Cross Witness believes that celebrating this event together with joy will give those who participate in this witness the opportunity to share with others the hope that is within them. Specifically, since Jesus has been raised from the dead, those who put their trust in Him by faith through grace for the forgiveness of their sins will not die but will be given life eternal. The Easter Cross Witness believes that this is something to celebrate.

Church Membership

If you would like to join Oakland Baptist Church, you may speak to the pastor beforehand and/or come forward during the hymn of invitation and share your decision with the pastor. Oakland Baptist Church accepts members (in a vote of the congregation) by a profession of faith and baptism by immersion, by transfer of membership from another congregation, or by a statement of faith.


We use ChurchTrac as our database of church member contact information, giving records and important celebration dates. Click on the link for more information.


A great way to for our members to stay connected is the GroupMe application. Here we share prayer requests, praises and to information with each other. Get signed up by downloading the GroupMe Application to your smartphone and use your current email address to get signed up.

Contact Ron Taylor by text at 804.339.6067 to add you to our Oakland Baptist Prayers group.