Will we have a sale this year?

We’ve been getting questions about whether we plan to have a sale this year.  The answer is: We really don’t know.  Like you, we are keeping a close eye on the status of the pandemic and want to have the sale ONLY when it is safe for everyone to do so.

We have been throwing around a late July or August sale date and would like it to be a MEGA SALE which would encompass all seasons.

If you entered items in the 2019 Spring Sale and you picked up your unsold items, those items are still in our system.  No need to re-enter or re-tag those items.  Hold on to those and when we have the sale, you can bring them back as is. 

The system is currently OPEN and you can add more items.  Just make sure they are child-related, but they can be either Spring/Summer or Fall/Winter items.  There is NO LIMIT to the number if items you can consign.  However, we ask that you consign at least 25 items in order to shop early at our consignor early shopping night.

If you registered in the Spring of 2019, no need to re-register.  If you have did not, you’ll need to register.  Just click on the appropriate link below and it’ll guide you through.

Returning Consignors (whether you registered in 2019 or not):  (if you forgot your password, there is an option here to reset it)

Brand New Consignors that have never consigned with us:

We are sorry we can’t give you more definite information, but like everyone, we are watching the numbers and pray that we can all be together again soon!  We will send you updates as soon as anything changes. 

Thank you again for you support of this important ministry.