PAST MINISTRY: Bread Ministry in Romania

PAST MINISTRY: Bread Ministry in Romania


Oakland Baptist Church, through the Goshen Baptist Association, provided support for a bread ministry in Romania.  At one point in the past, Oakland gave an additional special offering to aid this valuable ministry. Pastor Florin Boruga, who lead this ministry stated that our missions support of Goshen does indeed impact lives in countless ways.  This information can also serve as an encouragement for us to pray for this ministry.  Here are pastor Florin’s answers to John’s questions:

How many loaves of bread does your oven produce each day or week?

Usually, one oven bakes 20 loaves of bread and we have two or four ovens every week, depending on the families coming to ask for bread.  

A bread feeds a family of 4-6 people for 3-4 days.  

The traditional loaf of bread that we bake in our ovens is a very big one, it weighs 3-4 kilograms.  (1 kilogram is 2.205 pounds making a loaf of bread weigh between approximately 7-9 pounds each!)

How often will a person or family receive a loaf?

We have in every village an oven at the church and a family or a person receives a loaf of bread at least once in two weeks, but the ones with more children receive one or even two loaves of bread every week.

My prayer is that this the bread ministry in Romania would thrive and that these loaves of bread, a  vital part of the Romanians’ diet, would meet very real physical needs, and that through it many will be introduced to the One who is the Bread of Life, the Lord Jesus Christ!

                                                                                            Pastor Dennis