Oakland Baptist Church
Friday, January 15, 2021
Growing a Loving Church

Entering Your Items



  • Please review “Preparing Your Items”
  • Please read ALL instructions before entering your items.
  • All Consignors: Logon to the Consignment Site to register for this sale.
  • You can now add inventory, view existing inventory & print your tags.
  • Only Fall / Winter clothes accepted for the fall sale and Spring / Summer clothes for the spring sale.
  • Sort items by Gender & Size (This makes it easier when entering, tagging, & dropping off)
  • No Maternity clothing is being accepted.
  • For health reasons, we can no longer accept the following: worn underwear; used nipples or pacifiers.
  • No “yard sale” items that are not related to children; these items will be rejected.
  • Please do not bring cribs that have drop down sides; we cannot sell those because of the recall