Oakland Baptist Church
Friday, September 25, 2020
Growing a Loving Church


We would love to get your feedback; what you thought of the sale, how you heard about us, any helpful advice,

or how you were blessed through the sale.



Comments / Feedback from Consignors & Shoppers:


Thank you so much for the donation of books. I was able to give every child that came to the Welcome Back Night books to take home and read. It was wonderful to see their faces light up when they realized that not only was the book theirs to keep, but that they did not have to bring it back like they do for the library books. The fact that they books did not cost them or their parents anything, except for the time to find a book that the children's liked, was an added benefit. Again, thank you for this blessing. Adrian Stevens, MLS, School Librarian - Byrd Elementary School (Spring 2012)

I was curious if any of my items sold at your sale last night, so I logged in and saw my seller report.  IS THIS CORRECT?  If  so, I am a HAPPY woman!  First of all, I thank you and your church for giving me the opportunity to get RID of my stuff....I cannot thank you enough....this is my time of cleaning up in my house!  Second, I am excited that the items were sold and that someone else can enjoy the clothes as much as my kids did. Thanks – Joy (Spring 2010)