Events Calendar

Events Calendar


Aug 1, 2021

Sunday Worship Service

Join us on Sundays for our Worship Service! what to expect Check out What to Expect prior to your visit if you have any questions. Everyone is welcome!
Aug 1, 2021

Deacon’s Meeting

The Deacon’s and the Pastor meet once a month to discuss ministry opportunities and operations of the church. Deacon Chair: Ron Taylor Deacon Vice-Chair: Kim Rosson Secretary: Bill Groome Current Deacons: Ron Taylor, Kim Rosson, Bill Groome, Ricky Harper, Sandy Harper, Ann Taylor, Lonnie Kincaid, Tom Sutterfield and Tony Wade.
Aug 21, 2021

Mission Stitchers

Mission Stitchers meet at the Goshen Association.
Aug 29, 2021

Men’s Prayer Breakfast

The men meet the last Sunday of the month for fellowship over breakfast and prayer time.